How to Bring More Efficiency to your Business with the Right Technologies


Digital transformation is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but many business owners find it intimidating. After all, the ways you’ve been doing things so far has worked, right?

Not quite. The staffing industry is changing, and you need to change along with it to stay competitive. Take virtual recruiting, for example. Thanks to the pandemic, virtual recruiting quickly became essential for many staffing firms, and, according to a recent LinkedIn survey, 70% of talent professionals think it will become the new standard for the industry. Does your firm have the technology in place to handle that shift and the others that will come along with it?

Repetitive tasks create inefficiencies in your staffing firm
The truth is that all digital transformation really means is taking advantage of technologies meant to help your business operate better. Bringing key technologies into your staffing business allows your team to focus on the activities that humans excel at – and leave the boring, repetitive tasks that don’t add value for technology to handle.

These rote tasks are often inefficient, costing your team important time they could be using to work with candidates or connect with clients. Work like:

  • Entering time
  • Sending emails
  •  Sourcing candidates on social media
  • Onboarding candidates
  • Working with data after a hire or after a candidate leaves the firm

And for leaders like you, it’s easy to get caught up in the administration of any technology you do implement, causing more lost productivity. Managing hardware, software and day-to-day issues like security, user setup and password resets are a lot of work – and not where you should be spending your time.

The cost of inefficiency
Less-than-speedy processes can cause you to lose quality candidates to other staffing firms. Keeping candidates interested during your process and offering frictionless communication is paramount, but inadequate technology and outdated, inefficient processes stand in the way of candidate engagement.

Fluid, automated processes bring better communication with your candidates, and that starts behind the scenes among your team. For instance, when sales and recruitment are able to communicate about client opportunities and needs seamlessly, your business can satisfy your clients’ requirements faster. Quicker placements mean higher client satisfaction and repeat business for you.

What you should optimize for maximum efficiency in your staffing business
The key areas you need to prioritize when looking at digital transformation to improve efficiency are:

  • Optimizing communication: Make sure your business is ready to interact in the modern ways candidates (and clients) now expect like text, chat, and video conferencing. With tools in place to support these communications, you’ll be able to meet and evaluate candidates faster, as well as onboard new clients more efficiently. If your firm operates across many locations or even nationally, speeding up communication is crucial.
  • Your client portal: A well-designed client portal is easy for your clients to use and saves them the time of verbally communicating their needs or filling out forms by hand. This ease of communication helps build your reputation as a business they’ll want to work with again and again.
  • Simplified onboarding: Gather information quickly from candidates with automated emails and chats. They’ll be impressed with the ease of working with your business, and this automation will create a significant time savings in the sifting, screening, scheduling, and pre-qualification of candidates during the early stages of the recruitment journey.

What efficient staffing agency looks like and how to get there
Once you tackle the inefficiencies that are slowing you down, you’ll find far more time for everyone involved – employees, clients and candidates ¬– to focus their attention on things that matter more.

With the right technologies in place, every process in your business can be smoother and more productive – especially communication. And that’s your competitive advantage.

How Moonshot Innovations can help
With our roots in the staffing industry, Moonshot has the background and know-how to create a strategic roadmap for success for any staffing firm. We offer a bundle of services that provide the support, security, collaboration, automation, and analytics you need to operate securely and effectively.

We start by conducting a thorough discovery to evaluate what resources the client has available and to build out a strategic roadmap and benchmarks for what will help you succeed.

Whatever your challenges are, we make sure you’re set up to limit surprises and scale up or down as your business goals and needs change. Contact us to find out how we can take the stress of managing technology off your hands.


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