Progressive MSP…  What’s that?

12-23-2019   BY TOM FRACCASCIA

Progressive Service Providers (PSPs) are beginning to shape the future in IT environments of all sizes.  There are a number of ways they differ from your Traditional Managed Service Provider.  I’ll show you how to distinguish between the two and offer some information of how to determine what you may be missing out on.


First, let me say that every business is different.  Priorities range from “keeping the lights on”, to a sequential strategy or technical roadmap to drive your business goals.  It’s not about changing the way you currently work with your partner day in day out, but rather, does that partner offer you the information you need to understand just what’s possible.  From there, you can decide for yourself, what is best for your business.  Often with tools you already have!


Deep knowledge in offered products and services can be a challenge for many MSPs.  That may sound odd because on the surface, cloud services appear to be relatively simple.  A migration or basic administration is typical, but what after that?  Most organizations use only a fraction of the functionality found in products they use every day.  For example, Office 365 is commonly underutilized to the extent that budgets are allocated for third party applications that do the same thing.   What if your Provider could minimize that?  More on this later…

Experience (No one want’s to be the guinea pig.)

This is where many Providers “stumble.  Let’s face it, technology changes quickly.  Even the most common products require a commitment by your provider to stay educated on functionality and configuration protocols. This comes from working with diverse clients and a solid relationship with the product manufacturer.  That experience provides the “backbone” to speak from when it comes to the EXTRA efficiencies and functionality that most don’t have the opportunity to learn.  Additionally, these technical experts are in high demand and often hard to find so details are commonly skipped over.

Informative (New products, Product updates or end of support)

There is a fine line between educating and selling.  Fortunately, in many cases there is nothing to sell because it’s simply a matter of knowing how to get the most out of what you already have.  Be it, security, device management, imaging tools, effective licensing or basic architecture, there are many ways to increase production.  A Progressive MSP partner can help you understand where these opportunities lie.  The best part is that it’s not a matter of paying more for the service but rather partnering with the right Service Provider to bring the options you already have to the surface.

Strategic Planning

Every organization has a technical roadmap.  Some are as simple as “the next” project or upgrade.  In other cases, it’s a comprehensive and multiyear plan to reach the next level in security or automation.  Regardless, the right partner can offer you the information you need to make those decisions.  For more comprehensive planning, your MSP/PSP should offer a structured Fractional CIO program that builds an IT strategy with your business goals as the top priority.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How often do you discuss your business goals with your MSP
  • Do you feel informed on new products, functionality, updates & end of support?
  • Do you have the correct level of software subscriptions?
  • Do you know your Security Score?

The best part is that it’s not a matter of paying more for the service but rather partnering with the RIGHT SERVICE PARTNER to bring the options you already have to the surface.

In the end, you should be confident that you have all the facts and possibilities.  Confidence and trust must drive the relationship to a place where, together, you plot your course for the future of IT in your organization.

Like MSPs, a PSP is there to “keep the lights on” but today, more than ever, it is critical to rely on a partner that educates on what’s possible and walks with you to determine what is truly best for your business.

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